There is an abundance of beautiful trails and hiking opportunities around Kimberley BC. Check out some of these amazing trails during your visit, and connect with nature.

Experience the incredible vistas of the Rockies from your comfortable base in Kimberley

Experience the incredible vistas of the Rockies from your comfortable base in Chateau Kimberley Hotel and Art Gallery

NorthStar Rails to Trails – This is an abandoned CP railway track running between Kimberley and Cranbrook. The rail tracks  have been removed and converted into a 30km greenway. The trailhead closest to Kimberley’s downtown core is on Rotary Drive across from the Aquatic Centre. From that point the trail snakes through town toward Marysville before heading off through the valley to Cranbrook. This paved and wheelchair accessible path is a popular venue for cycling, blading and walking

Kimberley Nature Park: There are many trails to explore in the Kimberley Nature Park. Some are old roads, some are footpaths, hand-built by volunteers. From family outings and easy strolls to moderate and difficult hikes, the area’s parks and trails suit all ability levels. A diverse ecosystem provides endless hiking opportunities and wildlife viewing. You will encounter occasional deadfall and wet and rocky sections. The entrance locations to the park include the Kimberley Nordic Ski Area, Swan Avenue, Higgins Street, and Jimmy Russell Road.  Click the above link for detailed information about some of the more popular trails including the following:

  • North End Circuit: Moderate ~ 5.6 km + 125 m elevation gain. This trail loops and winds around and through glacial ridges and basins, mostly on single track.
  • West Side Highline: Strenuous ~ 13 km + 475 m elevation gain. This is a figure-8 loop that starts from the Nordic Ski Area, through the Horse Barn Valley, and down Creek Trail.
  • Myrtle Mountain Traverse: Strenuous ~ 10 km + 155 m elevation gain. This is a invigorting route that takes youto the top of a scenic hill and then drops back down on pleasant trails, which take you past Duck Pond, a Special Place. This is a very popular and challenging hike and ride. 
  • Sunflower Hill Loop: Easy ~ 3.5 km + 115 m elevation gain. This shorter outing is snow-free much of the year and offers scenic views of the Rockies and St. Mary Valley.
  • Natural History Loop: Moderate ~ 5.5 km + 280 m elevation gain. This moderate loop includes a steady climb, scenic viewpoint and is a favourite with local nature buffs.
  • Eimer’s Lake Loop: Easy ~ 1.8 km + 35 m elevation gain. Eimer’s Lake is one of the most accessible Special Places and is an excellent short loop for people of all abilities
  • Romantic Ridge Loop: Moderate ~ 3.5 km + 125 m elevation gain. This loop follows wonderful single track trails along two prominent ridges in the north end of the Park.
  • Horse Barn Valley Loop from Matthew Creek: Easy ~ 3.3 km + 70 m elevation gain. This shorter loop is varied and scenic with shaded forests and rocky ridges.

The Lions Trails: This trail runs between Kimberley and Marysville and give you a choice of pathways ranging from narrow to wide, flat to rocky and sunny to shady.

Lois Creek Trail: This trail is adjacent to the Townsite and Morrison subdivisions and is very popular for biking and hiking as well as cross-country skiing in the winter months

Click HERE to access and download the brochure detailing the Kimberley Trail System.


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